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About us

Manufacturing Fabric
Building Trust 

Providing value to customers is our first & foremost priority.
Products made with care & love, bridge the relationship between us and our customers.

Our Journey

Our birth in 1992 was the start of a path that continues today. Originating from Faisalabad, the venture was known as Paragon Fashions, since its establishment. Later it was named Lyallpur Fashions, as we know it today. It has seen its share of ups and downs, which eventually led the company to develop excellence in the local industry. Partnering with prestigious brands such as ASOS, Tokyo Laundry, New Look Retailers, and many more, have proved our worth in the global market as well.

Our Partners

Lyallpur Fashions has a portfolio of over a dozen international brands and continues to partner with new and revered ones. The strong brand portfolio reinforces Lyallpur Fashions as a partner of choice for the best international brands.

Leveraging on Lyallpur Fashions’ deep market understanding, unwavering focus, and strong operating capabilities, many International brands from the portfolio have considered us a significant partner outside of their home countries. This reflects the trust and optimism which Lyallpur Fashions and its partner brands share with each other.

Partnering with brands like ASOS, Tokyo Laundry, JD Sports Plc, New Look Retailers in the U.K; we have shared the market with brands from the USA & Canada also.

lyallpur fashions partner JD
Asos company brand logo
New look - a fashion & clothing brand

Our Founder

I joined the company in 1992 and I have witnessed Lyallpur Fashions’ growth through these years. Initially, we were 123 people running the whole business. But as the market demand grew and our brand was established, we welcomed more people on the journey. New manufacturing equipment was added to the production facility. The latest techniques were learned and experimented which helped us improve our systems in the long run. I envision Lyallpur Fashions to progress with leaps & bounds.

I would like to thank all of Lyallpur Fashions’ partners, customers, suppliers, workers & to whom the gratitude is owed, in achieving the marvelous reputation and trust.


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